About us

DisasterHistory.org grew out of a research network of China historians with the aim of making scholarship on major disasters and humanitarian crises readily accessible to the public.  Currently focused on disasters in China’s past, as we expand our scope we invite contributions from experts on the subject of disasters, broadly defined, in all regions and periods of history. As we develop, we also aim to serve as a forum of collaborative work and data-sharing for researchers from around the world.

Our disaster features are produced by specialists on the events they write for here on DisasterHistory.org while our disaster briefs are researched and written by postgraduate and undergraduate students, whose work is reviewed by members of our team.  Copyright in the contents of each article remains with the author(s).

DisasterHistory.org has been supported by a British Inter-University China Centre AHRC-funded research network grant. Additional support has been provided by the generous donors to the University of Manchester’s Learning Enrichment Fund. The editors would also like to express appreciation for the valuable input from participants at the international workshop at the University of Manchester in September 2014 when the idea of a collaborative website was first floated.

Pierre Fuller: chief editor

Gareth Evans (Lacuna 5): web designer & developer

We’re grateful for the past contributions of:

Luke Heselwood: editorial & research assistance

Luke Kelly: research assistance

Richard Atherton: technical assistance

Yi-Chi Chiu: translation